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Κατηγορίες αυτοκίνητων ανάλογα με το χρόνο παραγωγής

Car categories

According to the FIVA World Federation's Regularity event code, vehicles are classified according to when they were produced.

  • Class A "Ancestor": vehicles built up to 31/12/1904

  • Class B "Veteran": vehicles built from 1/1/1905 to 31/12/1918

  • Class C "Vintage": vehicles built from 1/1/1919 to 31/12/1930

  • Class D "Post Vintage": vehicles built from 1/1/1931 to 31/12/1945

  • Class E "Post War": vehicles built from 1/1/1946 to 31/12/1960

  • Class F "Classic": vehicles manufactured from 1/1/1961 to 31/12/1970

  • Category G: manufactured vehiclesfrom 1/1/1971 to 31/12/1980

  • Category H: vehicles manufactured from 1/1/1981 until the completion of 30 years as defined by the FIVA regulation


Depending on their condition, their preservation and restoration, the vehicles are finally identified into types and groups respectively.

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