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Μια ιστορία 50 ετών - ΦΙΛΠΑ

A story of 50 years

​Learn about the historic vehicle

Κάρτα FIVA - Πιστοποίηση

Find out how you can certify your historic vehicle with a FIVA card

Κατηγορίες οχημάτων

Find out about the category of the historic vehicle, based on its year of production

Αιτήσεις και δικαιολογητικά ΦΙΛΠΑ

Find all the supporting documents and applications you need

Γίνε μέλος της ΦΙΛΠΑ
Become a member

Apply today to become a member and benefit from the privileges of our club.

Επικοινώνησε με τη ΦΙΛΠΑ
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