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Already from the first year of the club's foundation, in 1972, the "International Rally PHILPA", also known as "Rally Antique" at that time, was established, an institutional event, which in the years that followed gained international fame and attracted, in order to enjoy the beauties of Greece, apart from the hundreds of Greeks and many foreign friends and collectors of old cars, contributing at the same time to the tourist promotion of the country.


The current tally counts hundreds of events (rallies, tours, navigation, exhibitions, restoration and beauty contests, etc.) that gave thousands of old vehicles a reason and a reason for life, rescuing them from retirement and extinction. To date, thousands of vehicles of all kinds have been restored by the members of PHILPA, thanks to the moral and practical support of the Association.

Εκδήλωση της ΦΙΛΠΑ

Annual events

Static events / exhibitions of historic vehicles

  • The Athens Meeting (formerly known as the 'Athens Tour') is traditionally the first event of the year marking the start of the club's events. In recent years the event takes place at the Kallimarmaro Stadium.

  • The Concours d' Elegance is certainly the most important static event of the year for historic cars, in the framework of which the restoration, maintenance, authenticity, completeness and beauty (elegance) of each historic vehicle are evaluated and awarded who participates

  • Alimos Classic Car Sunday, etc.

Precision matches (Regularity)

These races are held in various parts of Greece, with carefully selected routes of 200 – 500 kilometers per day and are included in the PHILPA Cup.

  • International Rally

  • Spring Rally

  • Winter Rally

  • Parnitha hill clime

Philpa International Rally

A four-day Regularity precision match of international prestige, held every year in various parts of Greece and included in the official annual calendar of the FIVA International Federation as "A' Event".

Other events

Cruises, Tours, Picnics, May Day "Antiques & Flowers", Treasure Hunts or simple day trips to enjoy driving the historic cars.

What is the current schedule?

Our club organizes events throughout the year, so there are many opportunities to come as a guest or competitor to one of them.

What do I need to join?

Vehicles accepted at the above events are those with a FIVA International Federation certificate or a FIVA Youngtimer certificate.

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