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Ο σκοπός και οι επιδιώξεις μας

Purpose & Pursuit

The aim of FILPA is the survival of every old car and the promotion of its showing interest (rarity, beauty, characteristics, condition).

PHILPA provides technical support and expert knowledge, literature and advice and encourages every owner to preserve their historic vehicle and participate in club events.

Through its events and the clubhouse which is open to members every Wednesday evening after 7.00pm, FILPA helps to introduce owners-collectors to each other. To this end, it organizes appropriate events and seminars that are an incentive for every owner of a historic car to keep his vehicle in good condition and ready to be driven and enjoyed within the framework of the law "on plates". A vehicle, in order to survive, must be on the road as it is well known.

In 2011, a big dream of FILPA and its numerous members became a reality: the acquisition of a privately owned “home”! Since the beginning of the year 2012, FILPA is in its own building in Gerakas, Attica. The clubhouse is comfortable, pleasant and accommodates both its members and members of other clubs and houses the "E.O. FILPA". Apart from the members' meetings, a variety of informative and educational seminars, screenings and presentations are organized.


FILPA Secretariat handles the applications for the issue of special plates daily, while the club's Technical Committee checks the authenticity of the cars according to the strict FIVA standards and practices, issuing the corresponding certificates. Services aimed at the true friends of old cars (aged 30 years and over), but also Youngtimers (aged 20 - 29 years) allowing the former the necessary circulation for their repair and maintenance while it is essential for all for their participation in official Club events!

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