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"PHILPA News" magazine

The magazine of PHILPA is published twice a year and is primarily informative, hence its title "PHILPA News". Its history dates to the 1980s, but the modern multi-page colour edition dates to 1996. The person responsible for the publication is always the Board member who is in charge of communication.

In the articles of the magazine, which are mainly signed by Members of the Board of Directors, simple Members and associates, the events of PHILPA, but also of the other cooperating associations, other internal issues, but also general issues concerning old cars and motorcycles are described and recorded.

Also, there is always a welcoming space for the personal experiences of Members from the restoration of their cars, but also the "discoveries" of vehicles, spare parts, old forms, memorabilia, posters, etc.

PHILPA invites all of you, who are passionate about Old Cars and wish to share your thoughts and experiences with the readers of the magazine, to try your writing talent and send us your article. The pages of the magazine are open to everyone.

January 2023: Issue 50

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