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Technical committee

PHILPA’s Technical Committee has as its task the Technical Inspection of the vehicles, for which an application has been made to obtain a FIVA Recognition Certificate and a FIVA Youngtimer Certificate.

Vehicles that have been issued with these certificates are admitted to the events, those with a FIVA Recognition Certificate are entitled to receive special plates of Ministerial Decree F. 1831/19.1.1978 as well as the "Vehicle Registration Certificate" (FIVA card).


The FIVA Technical Committee also acts on behalf of the FIVA Association. The members of the Technical Committee are elected by the General Assembly, while its President is appointed by the decision of the Board.


The term of office of the Technical Committee is two years.

Current technical committee


Michail Georgiakos


Dionysios Roussinos


Aimilios - Marios Iliou


Nikolaos Kontos


Alexandros Pantos

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