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Vehicle certification

The process of issuing a FIVA Certificate includes the submission of an application as well as the physical Technical Inspection of the vehicle. There are two types of FIVA Certificate depending on the age of the vehicle:

  • FIVA Youngtimer certificate, for vehicles from 20 to 29 years old,

  • FIVA ID - Card certificate (or e - ID - Card in case of online application) concerning vehicles over 30 years old and always provided that the vehicle is in good, well-maintained condition, or has been properly rebuilt.


In any case, multiple benefits for the vehicle arise from the issuance of the international FIVA Certificate such as:

  1. Capturing and recording the details of the vehicle.

  2. Significantly lower insurance costs.

  3. Compensation in the event of an accident not as an old vehicle, but as a historic or Youngtimer as the case may be.

  4. In the case of a historic vehicle, all the above benefits are added to those resulting from the E.O. plates. FILPA.

Technical inspection of vehicles

The Technical Inspection of historic vehicles for which an application has been made for the issuance of a "Fiva ID Card" (FIVA ID - Card) is held free of charge every Wednesday evening at the FILPA offices.

In the event that it is not possible for the vehicle to come to our offices, please contact the secretariat in order to be informed about the alternative possibilities provided.

Technical Inspection is carried out after the application for the issuance of a "FIVA Recognition Certificate" has been submitted and only if the conditions are met and all the necessary supporting documents have been submitted.

Documents for issuance of FIVA Certificate

This application must necessarily be accompanied by the photographs (mandatory in electronic format) and supporting documents (preferably in electronic format) which you will find below:

​Fiva Card Application

In the link below you will find the application for issuing  FIVA  Youngtimer, which you should fill out and submit in the original form to our offices. In order to submit this application, you will need to provide, in addition to the others, 3 printed color photographs of the vehicle, frontal ¾ from the driver's side, in dimensions 9X13 cm.

For vehicles over 30 years old it is also possible to apply online. From the link below, you can follow the procedure for applying for an online FIVA e-ID-Card, which you should fill in according to the instructions. First you fill in your personal details (in Latin characters) and receive a confirmation email. Then you fill in the basic details of the vehicle (in Latin characters) and you receive a confirmation email again, at which point the application process begins, which you must fill in in English.


The online application has two major advantages over the conventional one:

  1. Vehicle details are recorded and entered into the global database maintained by FIVA.

  2. Το όχημα λαμβάνει έναν μοναδικό αριθμό  FRN  (FIVA  Registration  Number) ο οποίος θα το συνοδεύει now for his whole life, regardless of the country and the property in which he is.

For the rest, i.e. the cost and duration of validity, there is no difference compared to the conventional FIVA card. Follow the link:

Other applications

The following application must be completed in all fields and submitted signed to FILPA, in its original form. Photocopies or faxes are not accepted. Fill in the forms carefully, in legible characters. Incorrect recording of information (e.g. the vehicle's chassis number) will cause problems.

For requests concerning motorcycles you can contact the club Classic Bike.

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