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Album for 50 years
of the club

In September 2022, the album for PHILPA's 50 years was released. The idea was started by our member and until the 2022 elections, member of the Board of Directors, Manos Palavidis, who also had the artistic supervision. Apart from Manos, Anthi Hatjinikolau, Sotiris Doganis, Eleni Kagadis, Angelos Trakadas, Yiannis Fotiadis and Efi Kagadis worked on the album.

Many members gave their experiences from their career in the club, while Lambros Giakoumis and Yiannis Cholis provided material from their personal archive.

At the risk of being seen as "blessing our beards", we testify that the impressions of the members who took the album in their hands were very good and encouraging. We wish our club to "get it right" and we hope PHILPA that we will leave to the next generations to have the quality that we the oldest experienced, so that those who will write the album of one hundred years will also remember us on its pages.

The album is available for €20 at the club's offices.

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