Athens Meeting: The first gathering of the year. Our members meet in the centre of Athens, usually at the Kallimarmaro Olympic Stadium, to wish each other Happy New Year and exchange plans for the coming season.

Spring Rally & Winter Rally: Two day Regularity Rallies which take place in Spring and Winter and cover routes of 200-300 Klms each, usually held as FIVA B' events which count in the PHILPA cup. 

International Rally: A prestigious four day Regularity Rally which is included in the FIVA callendar as a FIVA A' event. The event is held in various parts of Greece and has participants from all over Greece as well as all over the world.

Co-organizations with other clubs such as SISA and AC3.

Concours d' Eleegance: a very popular event which attracts thousands of spectators who come to admire rare historic vehicles which have been restored to high standards. 

Other events: such as Hill climbs, the Antiques & Flowers event held on 1st of May, Pic-Nics, Navigations, Treasure hunts or just daily excursions 

The vehicles that are eligible to participate in the above events must hold a valid FIVA card.