The «2nd PHILPA Parnitha Hill Climb» was one more succesful and enjoyable PHILPA event. The event was included in the PHILPA championship and therefore was very important for the 54 participants.  

The participants with historic cars with ages between 30 and 100 years old, gathered at Aristotelous square, Thracomakedones at 10.00 am where they remained for the technical check and for the cowds to view them. ORCA club held a static exhibition at the same place where they dispalayed their beautiful cars. 

At 11:00 the first car started the climb which was planned on the same route of the famous hill climb of the past. The start was given by the mayor of Acharnon mr Ioannis Kassavos. 
The race was concluded after 3 special stages at the Regency Casino Mont Parnes where thw vehicles gathered and enjoyed a small snack offered by the casino. When all the cars finished, they all returned to Aristotelous square and enjoyed a meal in a local taverna. 

The winners in the Regularity category were:

1stι Chrysanthopoulos Ν. – Chrysanthopoulos S.

2nd Vitzakis P.- Rekkas Α.

3rd Papanikitas Β. – Tsoutsas Β.

4th Palavidis Μ. – Palavidi Μ.

5th Kolokotronis Α. – Kloukinas Α.

6th Holis J. – Doganis S.

The winners in the Touring category were:

1st Lalousis Η. – Rapatzikoss Κ.

2nd Birlirakis Β. – Birliraki Ε.

3rd Alevizopoulos G. – Palyvos Ν.

Note: The participants Fotinopoulos T. – Hatzikonstantinou C. who participated but did not compete, acheived the best performance with only 3 penalty points.